Wednesday, December 20, 2006

There is a time....

Felt like a wild ride this last few days. Elated, dashed hopes, a little bit more hope, another possiblity, another way, miraculous possibility- which I completely believe in. Then the status quo- which is : no ticket, no plan, no trip to Thailand & Cambodia just yet. AM I disappointed? My life is good. I have a wonderful husband that was supportive of the desires of my heart, children that are healthy and beautiful- a little unruly at times, but nothing God, Joel and I cannot handle together. I have plans to prosper, a hope and a future. In my heart, I believe this absolutely, and it is well with my soul.

Now- I was a little quiter yesterday. I sort of needed to be. Here is the truth, Trish is a big chicken. Trish had major fears about flying that far for that long. Thoughts like, the selfish desire of my heart would lead to my death and abandonment of my children without a mother. Oddly enough as I came closer than I have ever been to a probable departure overseas. The fear I used to have was dissolved, replaced with anticipation about the cause of Christ and the goals to glorify God through the plans He laid before me. So, for what ever reason this did not work out this time. I felt truly as though I would be His vessel and it would be right. I trust my Lord. I have patience for whatever cause He orchestrates in my life. I am but an instrument. Though not musical, I am perfectly capable of being used for the application of His peace, healing, mercy, forgiveness, love, thoughtfulness, caring and discipline. (This is very much a confession of faith, in some areas). SO have a great day, I am going to clean and pray over my house today. Probably drink too much coffee, and I will exercise (another confession of faith). xoxox

“We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.” MLKJr.


Brandi Wilson said...

Oh Trish, I wanted you to go so bad! Randy and I really wanted to send you, but right now we just couldn't.

Peace to you today in the name of Jesus!

I've grown to love you!