Sunday, February 01, 2009

Just an update

Let's see.........Our bathroom is 99% complete, good thing. It is beautiful. I will have pictures up soon. We have painted and rearranged and Mia is home. But along with Mia we have another young lady. She is 18 and has a one year old boy. I know you think I am crazy. But obviously it means a lot to me to help single parents. I am still trying to figure out a way to make that happen other than a grassroots way. Work is good, I am actually getting better, or at least more efficient. I am pretty situated at the offices I am in currently. I am content on most days. But something in me longs for more than content. I want to be passionate about what I do. I have not figured that out yet.

If you have not heard yet, I am definitely going to Cambodia again. Here is a copy of the letter I will be sending out. Let me know what you think.

This year, I will be taking part in an outreach trip. I have been invited to join a group of short-term missionaries from Fountaingate Fellowship in Abilene, Texas. We are traveling to Bangkok, Thailand, and Cambodia. We will be spending a week working in Cambodia . We will take part in outreach ministries with Cambodian Hope Organization (CHO). Please visit this site for more details about the organization.

This area has become an area of passion and calling for both my husband and myself. Having witnessed after effects of the devastation on a nation that endured a genocide during the reign of the Khmer Rouge, we felt the need to partner with the hope of Jesus Christ. Joel has been to this region many times and is never the same after each visit. His accounts of the transformation of a nation are amazing. CHO does so much with so very little. They truly are the hands of God as they reach out to love the discarded and abused.

We will be visiting the Golden Triangle. The Golden Triangle is a highly trafficked area, where many women and children are sold into prostitution. Many of the things you use day to day are made by hands of children that are trafficked in the Golden Triangle area. It is hard to believe that these children, who should be going to kindergarten, are exploited for prostitution and manual labor. The Cambodian Hope organization is building a safe haven for these children. We are going to support this process and help build a fence around the grounds of the safe haven complex.

I am very excited about this trip, and I know that God has called me to be a part of it. The nature of a trip like this is expensive, and I would like for you to pray and consider supporting me financially. The total cost is $2500, which includes flights, transportation, lodging, meals, and administration costs. The trip is March 15th - 25th.

If you choose to support me financially by check, please do NOT put my name in the pay to order spot for Tax purposes. Any monetary gift is considered a Tax deduction. Please make checks payable to Kingdom Advance with my name in the memo or attach a note with the check. The deadline for money to be in is by March 10th. Any financial support you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

In addition to my need for money, I also need your prayers. This mission trip has great potential to open the eyes and hearts of hundreds of people in Cambodia to the truth of God for the first time in their lives: however, it would be of no value unless are we covered in prayer. You are the key to the success of my trip with your financial support and prayers. I cannot wait to see God move on this nation.
Thanks for considering partnering with us as we extend hands of love and hope in Christ. Please feel free to email or call me with any questions you may have about the trip or supporting me.

In Christ,

Trish Trueblood