Friday, January 26, 2007

Lines of Love

My Bellalina ( Bella)

"A line is a collection of points along a straight path that goes on and on in opposite directions. A line has no endpoints."

Apparently, they are learning basic geometry in the fourth grade. The cool thing is the analogies that develop in their minds.
Bella said, "Hey Mommy, did you know that lines with a dot on the end means it stops." She closed her fists with her arms spread out to demonstrate. She went on to stretch her hands out straight and said, " And did you know that a line with arrows never ends?" I said ,"Yeah, I knew that, finite and infinite." She looked at me and smiled, "Mommy, I love you like this."
Guess how she held her hands.

"A line is a collection of points along a straight path that goes on and on in opposite directions. A line has no endpoints."

Remember, this is fourth grade stuff. Don't get too deep on me and ask me to explain all the intersections of lines in the whole wide world and why some are perpendicular and some are infinitely parallel. That is for someone else to know.

One more thing, I read this the other day and found it to be slightly comforting...

Patience with others is Love
Patience with self is Hope
Patience with God is Faith

Monday, January 22, 2007


Joel and Paul

Okay so now that I have your attention I would like to recruit some of you for selfish purposes. My missionary, world changing, warrior for the Kingdom of God friends have been battling a weird illness. Paul, who, if you knew him, it would make sense that he would be the one to get something "weird", really, is a great guy, a little gassy , but great. First of all, he is married to my sisterfriend, Leah, which, by association makes him great. But aside from that he is an obedant servant to the Most High God. He loves the message of the cross and left the States to serve in Southeast Asia because he believed in his wife and her calling to set the captives free. What he did not realize at the time was that he was also called to the same task. Thus, his faithfulness brought prosperity through his photography. Let me tell you- this guy told me that when they tested him for field work, he tested out as an artistic genius. I am sitting there looking at him going, "yeah right , kid! Get a grip!" Well, guess what, turns out he really is an artistic genius, he photographed some of the most amazing pictures of Joel's food in like fifteen minutes. Totally impromptu. This past year, World Concern, the same organization where Leah is a Child Project Advisor, hired him on as their Digital Media Specialist. He has also photographed Jimmy Carter, and a wedding at the British Embassy- the ambassador's son. He is simply amazingly blessed to document the work they are doing there in Bangkok and surrounding countries.
Well, we have not even gotten to Leah. She felt called to minister to women sold into prostitution in Bangkok. In one year fifteen Women came out and were set free through Rahab ministries, the organization she worked for last year (2005). God did not stop there. He increased her territory from a grassroots outreach to FIVE NATIONS. HE opened doors for her to minister, and use the compassion He birthed in her to develop best practices to fight against the sex trafficking of children, as well as network development of other industry NGO's( nongovernment organization) in the region.
I can brag on them all day. God joined my heart to them. Their cause is my cause. Joel and I pray for them like they belong to us. Our hearts are burdened right now , our brother Paul is sick. He has had a fever for about a week. He had flu like symptoms and is still sitting at around 101 degrees F. He has a rash and is red all over. The enemys want to hurt him. I want him to be healed and continue in the work God has laid before him. Please stand with Joel and I for Paul's healing and Leah's protection. Thanks you guys! The gates of hell shall not prevail in the Cypert home. No weapon formed against them shall prosper! By HIS Stripes Paul is Healed! Stand Firm! Perfect Love will cast out all disease from Paul's body! Speak Life warriors!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Princess Mine-My (First) Princess


My Three

I would like to dedicate this blog to my 17 year old daughter (Actual b-day January 24). Wow. There was a time I would have been like wow you must be old to have a 17 y.o. But now it is just a joy to be able to see what a great girl, I mean young lady she is turning into. She is not only beautiful, and multi-talented (sings, creates jewelry and crafts), but she is a hard worker (she really does get up to work in the donut shop), she helps with housework and watches the younger kids, and the best part of all is that she loves me. Even when I don't give her all the time she deserves, all the clothes she deserves and whatever else you can think of, she has grace for me and still loves me. This past snow day I had to go study to stay caught up in school, I did make breakfast and lunch for all the kids before I left. Mia made it fun. Mia made it memorable. Mia also made snickerdoodle cookies. She is the kind of kid entertainer I want to be. See the following pictures......By the way Mia Sara really does mean my princess. I think God knew that.

This is the snow rapper pose

Nash Bella Landree And Snoguy

Nash and Snow Mickey

Nash Bella Landree with Snow Bob

All the kids trying to catch falling snow flakes- cute!

She does babysit. To the highest bidder!

my favorite salad

Mixed organic greens
Stawberries sliced
Fuji chopped
Extra virgin olive oil
Braggs apple cider vinegar
Braggs amino acids
Amish gorgonzola
Mediterranean sea salt and
Tellicherry pepper

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Lifter of my Head

My little calendar....

We need not strive to raise ourselves up. God knows our weaknesses and strengths. By HIS grace we can rid ourselves of vocabularies of every "I can't" and be lifted above our fears and failures.

THE Lifter of my head....Psalms 3:3

Last night I actually began to realize that I was kinda like a little kid who's daddy said, "not yet" and I was pouting selfishly. I really do know that God knows me better than I know myself. SO the joy comes in the morning... gotta love it.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Blu Growth

Not feeling so hot. Got dumped by a good client today. Found out that the medical mission trip to BKK and Cambodia is scheduled days before I graduate. I am just blu.

I want so badly to be THERE...
in that place
where I know my purpose is
not around the corner
not being birthed in the ground
before it reaches plain sight of
the sun's rays
but reaching higher and higher
my face, the flower, that knows the maker
is meeting me in the light of his love
in his garden

I am growing
through hard ground
not so patiently pushing
the rocks of resistance to
my purpose
lift my eyes away from the dirt
of the earth and the seed that is within me
bursting, birthing, becoming
let me see whatever is true
whatever is noble, right, pure and lovely
let me see you

Monday, January 15, 2007

Update to progress

December 27th I boldly declared some things, I thought for the sake of accountability I would give you an update.

I reorganized my room- it did involve moving furniture- I have a desk complete with computer- same one- and organized books for school. I am ready to complete the task set before me. I believe God has given me the grace to gain my FNP for His purposes. Pray for me and my family to be strong ang happy during this busy season to the finish line- August 5th!

Prayer strategy theme- Whoa! Did the year ever start out amazing? It is as thought God answered that one for me. Hey- I guess that is exactly what prayer is about. I would like to chronicle the three day prayer fast at a later time- I had some amazing stuff happen. Plus, I will post a picture of what I believe to be angel jet streams or the beginning of God's Hand over Clyde. Then there was the prophetic conference. New levels. I received gifts from God I never even considered as well as some major prophetic words over my life. I am still processing much of this.

Exercise- weak- diet- weak. I finally got my bike on the trainer today, I actually performed my work out as designed, just started 15 days late. Hey, that means I have to step it up right- I mean- I can't let all you guys get to be hot and leave me in the lukewarm mombody mode.

Money- terrible start. Income was way lower than par. Hard to budget when it is just not there. I am not worried, we are always provided for. Unfortunately, I fall back on going to work as a nurse to back us up. This is a mixed blessing. I could let us get totally behind with bills- thinking with the flesh ( I am the provider in this version), or I could be thankful I am healthy and have a profession that allows for -as needed- working to help us bridge the gap till we get more jobs. I have been tempted to quit altogether to learn to trust God completely for my provision. I mean during the school session we never have a problem.

As far as the budget. I have pulled out my Dave Ramsey worksheets again in hopes that this time I WILL DO IT. Serious prayer in this area would be appreciated.

Wife and Mom- The mom part is probably the best it has ever been for me. I am really enjoying my not so little babies. Reading lots, talking lots. Gaming, movies, hugs and kisses.
Wife- I love my husband,however, have not been too terribly in tune with his needs. I came back from XMAS with the family and "took care" of his physical needs while he was sick. We had a couple of dates, but we really needed the alone healthy time and did not get it due to the storm (were supposed to go to Fredericksburg this weekend). I hope we get to have a mini get away soon- we need to fall in love for a little while.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Ten- not Bo Derek

I am at the end of a four day work stretch, 10-11 hours each. Someone died yesterday, got snapped at by a doc, literally. I am tired, but wanted you to know I was still here. I have been thinking about a lot. School is impending. I am trying to suck as much life in before I start the semester. It is like taking a deep breath before you go under water to see who can hold their breath the longest. Ahh to be

ten in the summer time
at the pool by grandma's house
and grandpa-in-the- garage, waiting
to make you a hamburger and the best red kool-aid ever
green grass
merry go round
finding the quarter underwater after the life guards blow the whistle
to get back in
blue skies
with white cumulus nimbus
running with cousins
with arms way out
circles until we fall
the raspa man with the mustache and smile
more quarters from grandpa-in- the- garage
to buy whatever color sno-cone
hide in the closet and hope mom and dad leave me here
just a little longer

Monday, January 01, 2007

Tru Blu Update

Please revisit our site and let me know what you think. It might be a slow load since I added a slide show and a Tru Blu blog. I need feedback from pals not afraid to be honest. I want to grow the business. Thanks you guys! And Happy New Year!!!


This was a preconference post-

Wow. I love God. God is faithful, loving, wonderful, magnificent, holy, powerful, etc. etc. I was at a book store yesterday. There was a book that presented the case, very articulately, and rationally for the emphatic resolution to the atheistic stance of many persons in society. Good for them. Good for us. One of the main tenets of that position is that so many people have died in the name of religion;therefore, religious beliefs should be considered as outdated due to the irrational behaviors of those who believe. Hmmm. I will just be honest here. I have questioned many aspects of Christianity. The supposed hypocrisy, the male dominance, the narrow view of salvation, the wars. I have processed and come to an understanding of each of those things.

Here is part of my response. I believe. I believe simply and genuinely. I am humbled in the presence. My rational mind is subdued with supernatural love for a God of reconciliation, restoration and resurrection. My common sense in daily life is replaced with supernatural sense in appreciation for the healing and wholeness I have received and for the miracles I have witnessed. Men and women that absolutely disagree in Higher power ( the unknown God) have never experienced prayer and presence of the Holy Spirit. How sad it must be to live a life void of the possibility of the God.

Is this irrational, maybe. Is this ignorant? Am I foolng myself and brainwashing my children? I think not-I know the emptiness of rejecting your calling. I know the pain of being broken. I know rejection and insecurity. I know ugly. I know weakness. I know sorrow. I know evil.

I am a child of the living God. I am walking in my destiny. I am whole. I am redeemed. I am accepted. I am secure. I am strong. I know good. Real good.

SO to me it matters not if others disagree. I will receive my blessings, as will my children.

This year I want to shine brighter, walk taller, be healthier and resonate with a glorious life. The last four days and nights, we cried out in prayer for many things. I will see them all come to pass and then some. Praise God for strategy.