Friday, June 20, 2008

Are we there yet?

So here we are at the end of June. I usually have fantasies of some magical trip I take with my kids and grand illusions of all of the projects that will be accomplished. Thanks to my friend Rachel, I actually do have a shelf put together. Joel might have helped a smidge. She is super-talented and well-planned, and appreciated. But back to the subjectS......I finally left the big city of Clyde to attend Mia's graduation! My niece, Sky also graduated at the same time. It is hard to believe, these two girls shared the same crib at times. They were born three days apart. Then they walked the stage together 18 years later. I was but a child when she was born, just in case you were thinking I was old. Ok so maybe to you young ones, I am old anyway, but it is okay- if you are very blessed you too will live to see your children graduate. Can I say that I have not been too mushy about the whole thing, but I have had some wow moments. It BLOWS me away.

She was in my belly, she crawled, walked, talked, cried, lied, tried, fell, grew, played, prayed, danced, pranced, chanced circumstance, drove, strove( is that a word, word police?), reasoned, worked, earned, turned into a young lady. I miss her face. I can stare at it all day in pictures. But it never quite satisfies the itch of feasting my eyes on her. My brown eyed girl. ( Insert long sigh here).

Work is good. I like what I do. I am pretty good at it most days. Is it okay to say. " I still haven't found what I don't know I am looking for, but I will know when I find it?" me, 2008

Some days I get close, usually in the garden. Usually with the love of my life when he is not being a macho man. I don't much like macho. Speaking of macho, he is going to hike the grand canyon soon, cool huh?

I gotta get some sleep, I am driving to Austin in the AM, going to pick my Sweet Bella up from my sister's home. Hugs and Kisses, pictures soon.