Saturday, August 26, 2006


Tonight, I sat and watched the fire
Mira la lumbre- look at the fire
She dances with pride
The flames of her dress
Raise passion’s fenced attire
The wife of her lover, friend. husband sits in the slow of the night
Father of her child
Gathered the fruitwood
And set it to flame in the smoker

“Would you watch it til it dies down?”

Out comes the girl-

Brother needs you….

“Send him to me”

“Son, mira la lumbre”

“Lumbre“is fire

“I love you mom”

I love you too.
“What sounds do you hear?” asks the girl with a smile
I hear the fire crackling, the crickets- and the buzz of the light on the post- do you hear the leaves in the trees? No, there is no wind tonight.
The fire has waned
La lumbre se duerme-The fire is asleep

Time for dreams of our own…

But tonight was a golden dipped as we three sat, flames reflected in six eyes, in the slow of the night, I grasp at the hands on time’s clock face- stop and let us love this moment into eternity- remember this now, as I hold your almost ,too big for my lap body and gently rock as we watch the patterns turn from Samba to Waltz, then final bow- remind me when I am old.
I will tuck this under my pillow tonight for tomorrow it will be past.
Juice for the dreamer
Fuel for the….

Patricia Munoz Trueblood August 16, 2006

Riding the Night Winds

What a great book- what a great title. Always so moved by Nikki Giovanni. I wish I had though of it. But since she was born before me- and lived a life I know not of - I suppose it's cool she thought of it and published it . Me, I think some thoughts on my own plane of vision. I have never tried to publish, partly because I think that I am not well read enough to know that perhaps, it has already been said. So here is my venue. I get to have my cafe and eat it too- poetry now from me to you.