Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Single Parent Ministry

We had a GREAT life group! We had so much fun. Stevie B joined our group. It was a cut up. Our focus this semester is Singles- mostly single parent families. But anyone is welcome. We are trying to figure what the "church" looks like when we do what we are supposed to do. Take care of each other. We decided it will be called SPM. We will have a supermanish logo. Our slogan might be, SPM, it is better than PMS! Would that be too ridiculous? We might even go cheesy and make a video commercials, I don't want to give too much away but it is going to be good.

This is a sneak preview of the assessment tool. Just to try to figure out what the needs are. We want to give out tool boxes to moms and teach them how to use them, we want to give first aid classes, cooking classes, pay medical bills, treat babysitting with certified babysitters, etc. I am excited. We are hoping to have a fundraiser at the church in March with permission. Hopefully it will rock. Live music, good food auction items for our cause to move forward.
If you know of anyone that might donate a item for auction please let us know.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Candle for Miles

Hey all, I have a favor to ask. I have this amazing friend. She is the encourager of encouragers. She is the most amazing mother to a son that has not yet been healed of physcial ailments caused by a near death experience. Her son is in the hospital, he is getting well. Please keep praying for complete healing with all of the faith you can fathom. In the meantime, until he rises up from his situation, burn an online candle for him. Please post a picture of a candle on your blog or just agree with me today. I just want to show her how much I love her.

Here is to Miles complete restoration.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


(This is Mia with her short wig on- one of the many fun things she likes to do. She was in a play and had to wear this wig, but don't you think she looks cute with short hair?)

SO, lots has been going on. Some things I can talk about here some not. Crisis #? Mia left for San Antonio yesterday. She will be finishing high school in San Antonio. Interesting that I moved my senior year in HS to San Antonio, but I was moving back in with my mom so I would not have to pay bills the rest of my senior year. Hmmm, long story. I had a kind of bad day until I knew she got there. My mom was trying to meet her by Comfort (town close to Frederiscksburg). Mia, however, went all the way to her house in San Antonio. Meanwhile, in the fog and the rain, we were panicking, just a little. Okay, more than that. Weather was bad on the way down. Anyway. It was a rough day. And a rough night. As it is three AM and here I sit. I know, I have prayed pretty much without ceasing, except I am blogging.

Work is better in many ways, still hard in others. I am learning a lot. I suspect I would in any place I worked. But I really am beginning to like my doctor. He is odd, funny, intelligent,one of those MENSA types. It is good brain food.

I am still working on research and Medicare stuff. It pretty much sucks and I can't wait to give it away.

Joel is getting busier, Erica is still helping him, thank you thank you thank you. PLEASE DON'T QUIT. If you would like to suscribe to the Tru Blu Newsletter, email us at It is beautiful piece that is evolving to include, a wine article and recipe and general goings on at Tru Blu.

Wednesday is our first life group of the semester. If we had known Fran was having one, we might have just quit ours and gone on over. But I guess not the plan of God. We are focusing on single parents. We have four single parents with 2-3 kids each. Pray for us. We are excited about the implementation of God's blueprints in this area.

I guess I should try to rest a couple of hours. I have a very busy day ahead of me.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Cancer Humor?

Okay, so this end of life stage has been quite eye opening. Conversation like this....
"Where is the doctor?" cancer patient
"He's not here." me
"l need to go to the hospital." c p
"Okay, I will start the orders." me
She said, "I didn't know you had so much power."
I assessed and interviewed her, as well as her husband.
As I am walking out the door, her husband looks at me and says," I guess sex is out of the question tonight?"
I said, "Your goanna have to ask her!"

And they say kids say the darndest things!

Wednesday, January 09, 2008


His unshaven face, weathered
Slumped in the wheelchair
The wind from his sail gone
The clock ticked as the papers rustled in his chart
His wife passed only 18 months ago
He loved her very much you know
He cannot live without her
He dare not drink
He dare not eat
The cancer can ravage his broken body
He is broken
Only half the man he used to be
She was the other half
How do you walk?
How do you talk?
How do you live?
Half a body without love
You can almost see the years of love in his old blue eyes
He turns his head and looks in your eyes
You share the common knowledge of knowing true love
The kind that forgives all things
The kind that bears all things
The kind that joins two as one
How many mornings did they share?
How many nights did they spoon until sleep set?
How many times did he run his fingers on her bare skin?
Young tan skin to weathered covering of the beauty within
I love you
I can't live without you
He turns his head after that one deep look into my eyes
I understand
I have a love too
In youth love is timeless
Timeless is a season
Try to eat a little, okay?
Goodbye now
Call me if you need anything....
He is wheeled down the florescent hall
To the end
May the wind of peace be upon him
As he sails in the face of death


Tuesday, January 01, 2008

In the Shadow of Plenty

This year I would like to actually get somewhere spiritually. Last year was about finishing something I had started. Then starting something new. These were desires God was faithful in giving me. But they were not 100% dedicated to the Lover. I would like to say they were. I am seeing some things very differently right now.
I feel this year is the year to be obedient. This year is to draw nearer than ever to my God. To stop feeling sad or mad or disappointed or tired. To just start moving the direction of the Spirit of God- wherever that may lead. Jobs really hinder the free form of the Spirit unless the Spirit actually gives you a job/task.
I figured something out that might seem very basic to many of you. Questioning and wondering as necessary I feel it is, is a hindrance to the relationship of a believer. It may allow for strengthening at the end, but it causes a loss of momentum in the present walk. In addition, the longer one takes his/her eyes off of the Lover, fleshly responses become more exaggerated. Emotional lows, anger and bitterness thrive in the face of doubt. Children do not understand a waffle other than eating it. Stand firm. That is scripture, despite doubt. It produces fruit in children. There is security of the spirit in parents that are oak trees. Kids can climb and play and rest in the shade. This year I declare strength in firm stance. Faith like never before. Stability of mind, will and emotion. I was watching "Strong Man" on TV, I could see some with smaller muscles and stronger stance carry more weight for a longer period. I looked over at the husband and suddenly became an expert in the judging of the competion. He laughed, but agreed. If you can plant firmly, you can endure and perservere. Faith, Peace, Love, Hope and Joy abundant. I pray this for you and me.
Joel and I are reading this book

It is amazing. It has given us the kick in the teeth we have needed to get serious about our role in this life. I will give you more details later. B- we can't wait for your return. If you have not read this, put it on your short list. Anyway, gotta go, lots to do.