Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Home update

Things are rolling along just fine. Marriage is good. Kids are a little on the bratty side sometimes, but generally evoke love and hope for the future. I feel very blessed to be in this peaceful time. I have had so many ups and downs in my life, it is nice to coast!
My husband is having a walk-in closet built for me. How cool is that? It is stage one. I have a renovation plan for my house. Over the next year I believe that God is giving me a physical picture of restoration, starting with my home. I should have my own little special place by the end of the week. Then I will be gutting my bathroom. Anyone that knows me, has known how much I have wanted to do that I am so excited. I guess I questioned so much why so many people so much younger than me had so much more ( materially) and it really bothered, and in some ways embarrassed me. I am ashamed to admit that. But it seems that my level of gratitude has been raised significantly. God really is after your heart. Transforming it room by room if necessary. Then granting the desires of each room it seems. As I have mentioned the last couple of posts this Bible study I am doing is exactly what I needed at this time.

"In scripture building a house means more than stacking bricks. It refers to family line. I am thankful Christ was a carpenter by trade. Even now he is preparing a place for us so that we will have the perfect house to occupy when we get to heaven.
Perhaps your home has been like ours- built on human strength or the pitiful lack of it. Either approach turns out to be in vain. Maybe God wasn't invited from the start to invade every part of your family life and you suffered the consequences. Maybe you feel much like your home is in shambles. In desperation I have cried out over and over to the only dependable home builder I knew, asking him to come to the rescue. At times I felt like he was late to work, but little by little I began to see his hand, pouring some new foundation and tearing down the walls the enemy had tried to erect between members of my family. As you continue to pray, trust and look for signs of His work in your family, keep in mind that Christ is a custom home builder. Your home is not going to look like someone else's. Free Christ to let him tell you how your home will look instead of vice versa. He alone has the blueprint."
Beth Moore

Any have a great day. I am on my way to work on the restoration of my body! I.E. exercise.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

New Day.

I am so happy today. I got to snuggle longer than usual. I have my first full day off in 9 days. I know some people work much harder. But I am pretty much a wimp when in comes to days in a row. I headed up a wedding reception on Saturday at a beautiful ranch in Hamilton. I got to set up the flowers and food. How fun is that. Thank God for Kim Peters. She graciously helped me. Of course I could not have done it without Jamal, Kim, Tim, or Jeff. We laughed a lot and had fun. Sunday, I worked walk in. It was busy, I was already tired, but it was good work. I also realized I could not take a walk-in Job full- time no matter what they offered me. I know, I am a woman. I can change my mind. I am sticking with my current job. I am not doing anything different until God makes it very clear. My heart is with the staff and doctors I work with now and I am okay with that. It is still a good job and I can negotiate my hours, never on the weekends unless I want to. So I get to see my kids every night. I like it. I found my peace. I get to have lunch breaks. So I can have lunch dates- anyone?

I am currently doing a Beth Moore Bible Study- Stepping Up. It is a study in the Psalms, Cherith, get this study. That woman amazes me. Fran, you have that gift too. I can't wait to see what blossoms out of you.

Anyway. I just wanted to say Hi!
And Happy birthday to my friends Rachel (21) and Brandi (24). Those are the days not the years! I look forward to another year of friendship with you girls.
I love you both.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

On friends

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Need more energy and to be PETER

Wow. Who would have ever thought having only two kids at home, being done with school stuff, working "part-time" would allow for less time to do free Trish stuff. Not me. I have been busy with work and football practice and bible study ( Beth Moore- Stepping Up) and youth on Wednesdays ( Helping Ira- I love those girls!) and shuttling Nash to Team Kids in between, working for Joel, barely cleaning anything but dishes and toilets. Of course I wish I could say going to the gym faithfully, getting healthy and fit, becoming the woman that exudes health. I seriously have tried several times to eat better. I do mostly organic, I rarely do hydrogenated, never do aspartame, seriously avoid high fructose corn syrups, begin part of south beach then switch to taco Tuesday at Rosa's with probably everything off the list, then back to vegetables only, then Nash's bday party and cake, then the Insulin resistance diet with balanced protein and carbs and just a small bit of Hansen's natural soda. Would you believe I lost four pounds and then they found me again. Basically, I feel like a reed in the wind with food. I need hope. I really want to look like the health I sell. Instead I am nearing needing medical attention for my fatigue and regular pain.

I am trying to drink 64 0z of water a day. I can do this three days a week and fall the other days.
I am now taking B-total sublingual, zinc, vit c, multi vites, Co Q 10, probiotic blends ad a couple of other things.

I am trying the least restrictive diet, which is the insulin resistance diet, the recipes are great and things I enjoy eating. That is the one with balanced carbs and proteins. The thing I liked about it is that it makes you think about your food relationship. WHy you eat the way you do. WHy you over eat the way you do. Stuff like that. Joel calls them "Food Memories".

I am focusing other thoughts on a clinic idea I believe God has given me vision for- for a long time. I will reveal more on that later.

I am trying to learn how to invite and keep peace in my life.

I am trying to fall in love again with Jesus. I don't want to treat Jesus/ God/ Holy spirit like an old blah marriage. I want to keep it fresh. God is so much bigger than simple relationships. I want to sit and be overwhelmed at the revelation in relationship.

I must sleep. Peace to you all.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

voting booth is closed

I made a decision with the help of my husband. One week on, on week off. I am excited and nervous. I have been praying so much for peace, yet it eludes me. I think I might have been having some anxiety related to big decisions and a reaction to a medication I was taking for my dental issues. Anyway, I removed the last post, due to to much personal info. Thanks for the prayers and the words. Just thanks.