Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

The joy comes in the morning! I love watching my kiddoes get so excited! Yes, kiddoes. I drove to Dallas on Xmas Eve and picked my baby girl up. I could not leave her there. I am a dork I know, but I have 6 years before she is grown and I want EVERY HOLIDAY possible. My family just got done with a nerf gun fight. Maybe the kids are just reloading.

May you all have a blessed and beautiful time with your families! Love, Trish, Joel and Kids!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Toumani Diabate 'The Mande Variations'

I find this music extremely moving, thought provoking and basically a brain massage. If you have a few minutes watch this. If you have Pandora, listen to it. Close your eyes and let yourself feel the layers of generations and artistry unfold.....

Baaa Humbug?

I wish I had something sweet or significant to say. I have a hard time in this season. I don't know why. I hate Mia not being here. Bella was allowed by the other parent in this family to go to Dallas for Xmas. As if that would be okay with me. I have been a mess. I wish God would just transport me to the finished product of my heart without having to fumble through being a better person. I am impatient with the process of my heart today. I do not feel good. I know I am not the only one. God I just pray that you would lift the heaviness off of those hearts including mine.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008


here is the video we submitted, maybe we'll try again next year....

Stars, Toilets, Love and Action

NO word on Food Network. Oh well. It is a good thing my husband has high self esteem. Kind of a bummer. Can't they see how much talent he has? Maybe we just entered too late. It probably got there at the last minute. It is okay because he still has work to do. He is still working with the high school to put in a salad bar. He is also working with Slow Poke to start utilizing the greenhouse. I will be posting videos soon. He is still doing cooking classes in Cisco for the Open Door. And we are planning my second trip to Cambodia and his fourth. I guess you could say I am his number one fan.

We are painfully remodeling our bathroom. It is only painful when it takes forever. I want a shower. I need some tile. Must have. I was hopeful and excited week one. Week two is a challenge. I hope we make progress this weekend or next week will be a bear. This is as close as I will probably ever get to building a house. If anyone wants to nominate us for some kind of house makeover project, I accept.

I had been going through the Yearn, faint, cry - power of a focused life that Francesca suggested. It was incredible, then I accidentally by the power of the Holy spirit, downloaded Song of Songs 20 by Mike Bickle. Whoa. I was blown away. I think I found my life calling. Or it found me. There are actually 20 parts to this study. SO I started back with the first. I am going to be hosting a Bible study on Friday afternoons to include this audio set. I would like to begin in January. My idea is to put an ad in the Journal and see if anyone is interested, of course you are all invited. I have never been this determined to sink myself into something. And if anyone is willing,I would take others on the journey. I know the Song of Solomon is odd. But the allegorical interpretation of it is amazing and exactly what I want to dwell on for the first few weeks of the new year.

The next action thing I am interested in is State park camping trips. I took my kids to Enchanted Rock last weekend. I want to go camping there. I was so excited I got an annual pass. Did you know that for 60 dollars you can take up to eight people to any state park in Texas as often as you would like for one year. AND you can fish in state parks without a license. Cool, huh? I would like to do some family camp outs and some ladies day trip hikes. I will also be posting these in the paper. I just want to connect with women in our community that I normally would not know or in ways I didn't know anyone would be interested in. Looking for like minded ladies in the Big Country.....loving God and his creation.
DO you ever think about the exciting ways of love? Lengths you go to to keep it alive, refreshed and real. Scents, cleanliness, view, setting up the context for the dance. I just can't wait to get deeper in this. This is going to be fun, not for the faint of heart.