Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Seeing the unseen

It never ceases to amaze me the work accomplished through an exhausted , but willing vessel

I can never "see" how it will be done
I can only trust that it will
What portion of perfect physical human vision does the eye allow?

Faith, an unseen frontier of possibilites
Faith, an unseen source of strength
Faith, an unseen supply of provision
Faith, tangiable as a bright fruit glistening in the dew of the morning rays and the leaves that quiver with the tenderly lavishing stroke of a summer wind
Would you have believed the package that labeled the seed had you not tasted the sweetness?
Carry me weightless into the sunrise of a new day of Trust and Belief


Answered Prayers Rock

Sometimes I get stressed
School is consuming
Giving my time is challenging
Spending time with Him
Is always worth it

Today, was one of those
Before the performance mode
Gotta get it done
At home
At work
At school
I needed some love

Today my Loving Father
Gave me love
In the form of A friend, or two
My man
My children
The sweetest
Thank you
Love Rocks

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Vintage Sesame Street - Rubber Duckie (Ernie)

SO I am a little nostalgic for my childhood these days.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Love me

Hear me today as I plea for your presence
Lonesome and awkward
I bend my breathe toward heaven
I am spent and ask for you
Love me with your love
Strengthen me with your strength
Peace from above
Grace me with your grace
Dwell in me that I might overflow
Instead of a rocky riverbed with skelton exposed
Tender is the mouth of a lover so giving
Tender is the love from the mouth of the Spirit
Speaking sweet songs soul fulfilling
I yearn for you
Dare me to dance
Take my hands and my heart
Begin the romance
Lover of men, women, children and life
I lift my hands to your praise
At burdens demise


Monday, July 09, 2007

Beautiful Wedding

Sometimes being a caterer isn't all bad. We have great people that work with us. We put out a great product. And on the occassion we get to listen to really cool music( GREAT band). I am just grateful. I know everyone sacrificed to stay out late and help us put on a good show. I feel very blessed today. Special Thanks to Aaron and Erica. I love your ethic, talents and heart. And I am not just being a 'gold digger' on command. I mean it.
Gotta get back to work......

Sunday, July 08, 2007

BAd Nght...Good Morning

Yeah, I guess we all have some.
Stress the not so final frontier,
to boldly go where most men, women and heart attack victims have gone before.
With a clenched jaw and too much to do
I ask GOd to get it outta me
I ask him to fix me already
It gets very heavy to hold my baggage.
He reminds me of the day I checked my baggage
And the day I jumped over the counter, stole the key and recovered my own baggage to help HIM with my burdensome load
oh yeah....
Would you could you take them back?
"IN a box, with a fox, in the air"
"All your cares"
"Feel better?"
"You are my girl"
Sweetest Daddy.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

CCRC slogans

Thanks you visionary photographers for the donation to the cause. If these pictures look familiar it is because they are. Call me an opportunist exploiting the talents of others. Eventually I will edit them a little better. Or better yet, if Erica ever has time- she can make them Beautiful. Sorry, I can't help myself, I want to surround myself with beautiful artists and visionaries,writers and speakers and leaders. You girls inspire me. Thanks again Becky and Francesca.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Freedom Thoughts

Today, a funny thing happened. We were given a full size bed for our ten year old. On the way to pick it up, we ran out of gas. I called the house thinking how great it is to have my big girl back. She could come pick us up and take us for gas. No answer after like a hundred rings. I asked Joel, the chronic leave-the-phone-outside-guy, "Did you leave it outside?" When suddenly our eyes were drawn to the console in the truck. There sat my phone, Joel's phone and......the house phone. Okay plan B. Call Aaron our good buddy that is one of the most kingdom, neighbor friends ever. Voicemail. Plan C. Thank God for Plan C. Do you think Erica might be working in the CCRC to get her Art show together? Yes. Erica to the rescue. Mia to the rescue. Meanwhile, I was left in charge of the truck and trailer on the highway. When, in my solitude I began to hear this......

As I sit in the car, my mind wonders
I reflect on deep breathing instructions I have given to my patients
I believe deep breathing is important for health
Physically and spiritually
I take in several very long breaths and carefully release the air

I am alive
I am present
Aware of the noise
And the cars and trucks
Creating vibration against the air that pushes the truck
The mini rush as each airwave passes

I think of fear
Experienced by all who have been aware
Of their death as it comes
Of the last breath in this world
Then black out, white out, fade away

All those insecurites and uglies within like...
I never got to have that kind of wedding
Or those kinds of friends
Or that kind of house
Or money
Or this or that or the other

Means nothing
My ugliness and selfishness ripped away clean
Outweighed by the sweetness and love of my God, husband and children
Sublime connections and transference of energy
Between glory and painful bondage
Tender touch in times framed by remembrance

How can a word describe, how can a dance, how can art, how can this life express?

I hear little voices rising up from the silence.
"She is here, they exclaim!"
"We have been waiting so long."
They dance around me awaiting my complete or even partial awareness of my surrounding
I am celebrated and loved fully
Every point composing my being, matched and overcome

At first I am startled and disoriented
Then I slowly rise and look at he hands of my "body"
They are so delicate yet so commanding
I look at my feet bare and elegant
I notice the material against my "body"
It is fine, threads magnetically sewn together brilliant
I feel beautiful and powerful and tender and lovely
I feel peace and wonder and excitement
I feel no pain, no shame, no me in flesh
Just beautiful glorious freedom divine

Who knew there would be so much freedom in death of flesh
As I breathe a breath of life anew
Breath of God flow
Release what is true

Trish Trueblood 4 July 2007

Sunday, July 01, 2007


You know those moments in movies like the Matrix where the kicks are thrown and the slow motion/fast motion cinematography comes into play and it is like treading air. That is what I feel like right now. Except, the air is not very thick here and the shoes I am wearing aren't made for air treading. Plus I am not exactly sure, but I am pretty sure I can't do the Jackie Chan splits in mid air. AS I drove to and from Dallas I was listening to all kinds of "old" music. And lots of 90's hits too. You know like Blind Melon and the Cranberries. I even listened to a Lionel Richie song all the way through. Either I am getting really old or just really nostalgic and mushy, maybe I could blame it on being a girl. Anyway, I think when school is out I am going to throw myself into the creative. I feel like this last great push of BORING work is squeezing me. I want to play the mandolin, dance for real, paint and draw, speak extremely beautiful Spanish. ( my Tex- TEX/ mex just doesn't quite do it for me.) Hey guys, four weeks til school is over. Can anyone say PARTY? I don't know. I am not going to walk the stage in August, cause of the whole Thailand trip thing. Oh darn did I mention THAILAND again? MUFASA. Ah nevermind, I am just getting serious short timers- having trouble concentrating. I have been working on a series of Posters for the Community Resource Center. The theme is, Got Food? Got Clothes? Got Health? I am trying to find super cute pictures of kids in big clothes and with food all over their faces. I am excited about our little center. Joel has been working like a madman to get the center painted and cleaned out. Anyway, my head is over here trying to focus and my feet are over there trying to walk on invisible, go figure, or at least pray.