Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Just feel like it.

I don't know, maybe I just feel like talking and there is no one to talk to right now- so you are it.
So what is going on.......
Working, reading, family, friends, herbalife, CIndy Crawford workout video, Naturopathic, Traditional Medicine, Integrative medicine,Conventional Medicine, Homeopathic medicine, anthroposophical medical practice; the combination, Tru Blu Catering, Cafe, Coffee, Spice, Bonterra, getting older, aging gracefully, fighting it, trying to stay involved with my children, trying to give them wings, praying, interceding locally, internationally, considering issues of social justice and the impact of one, loving my God. Loving the process, loving the journey, loving my husband, children, patients and friends. SO to breathe and focus.

For a long time I had complicated views that seemed to be congested more than productive. I am learning how to decongest through clarification and combining my self vision and mission that combines all of those things and then some.

With a little lot of help from some that I admire and some that inspire me I have formulated the beginnings of a Personal Vision and Mission.

Vision: To restore or create healing, nourishing and loving atmospheres in every area of life that affect whole communities.

Mission: I choose to be proactive in the Family, Health, Social Justice, Political Scenes and Marketplaces of my life in order to advocate for the prevention of injuries potential and actual suffered by inaccessibility to environments of healing: spiritually, emotionally and physically.

My Goals fall under subheadings of Family, Integrative Medical Practice, Restaurant/Bistro, Yoga, School Health Advisory Committee, ANA, AANP, TRA, Intercession, Backpacks, CCRC, Freedom Stones, Cambodian Hope, World Concern, Mission Trips, Westin A. Price Foundation.

I am in the process of furthering each of those subheadings with steps or daily rowing toward accomplishment.
This is so much more fun to see it laid out.

You know- I have a friend. A beautiful young lady that thought she was shallow after looking at what I think about. I told her that I was 12 years older and did not think like this then. I also have no desire to do the things that she feels she is supposed to focus on. We all have unique qualities and abilities. Never have shopper's cart envy for another's gifts. We can all do all things through Christ who strengthens us! If all he wants anyone of us to do right now is love two or three people and bring them closer- then be obedient. Changing the world is a gift for those called. Make sure that it is the voice of God that calls you to do more than you ought. The reward is the same in heaven if you are changing a diaper or saving children from mass destruction and demise. This is advice I heard on a podcast and it stuck- I reiterate for my own benefit as well. I tend to want to go faster.

So what are you up to? Where are your thoughts of late?

p.s. I like pastels, making cool presents for people and long walks on the beach and traveling!!!!Going to Chicago soon - yay!