Wednesday, August 05, 2009

SO Much

SO much has happened it is hard to keep up. I have thought of writing, recording so much, sooo many times but I have failed to keep up, so I just let it pass me by. We started community garden, stopped community gardening, had a few garden "parties" then stopped that too. We have plans to open a restaurant. I have plans to open a special exercise studio, cafe/retail store that will fund the resource center as a functional resource center: Vaccine for children program, Branch for Alliance for women and children, a local counseling center, and Bob's Pantry. I hope this really happens.

Joel and I have been excited about Blank Canvas project. It is about getting people motivated to actually do part of what God has called us to do on this Earth. Get Busy feeding his sheep- however that looks in your heart, in whatever capacity you are capable at this point in time. It will expand. It will grow- we just have to be faithful. It is first getting some paint on the wall as a sign of transformation and unity in the community. A commitment to see Clyde become the city we all dream of as we lock arms and place our hand prints on the wall of the CCRC. Prophetic Art so to speak.

My kids are good. Mia is moving to Abilene. She is going to go to Cisco for a while and see what happens. She has a boyfriend she loves and he is coming here with her. They grow up so fast. Bella is going to seventh grade. Wow. She made student council. I am so proud.She will also be in athletics. Nash is going back to Clyde- intermediate after a year at Cornerstone. It was wonderful, but we feel that with all of our restaurant endeavors, as well as projects we need to keep it local to maintain peace and quality of life. He will not be in football. Nash is going to take piano and Violin lessons, maybe martial arts. I am trying to learn the guitar on my own. Joel is going to Cambodia again. August 12 through the 21st. He is going to accompany Wayne Hester as he looks for a job and a place to live in Cambodia. He beat us to the punch. We would love to do that, but God called us to live in Clyde and He is not releasing until we accomplish what he has for us here.

I haven't talked about work in a long time. It has been two years since I graduated and started doing this NP thing. Thanks to those of you that have supported me. It has not been an easy road. I have learned so much. I am not the best, I am not the worst. And I actually have some patients that really love me. I have to say that I have decided that I want to move toward holistic health care. Not just medical. I work in a medical office. The approach is different. I have to treat people medically. It is difficult in my current line of naturopathic thinking. Anyone who is listening..................................................................................................... FOURTH MONDAY OF EVERY MONTH 7:00 P.M. at the United Way office downtown...................................................................... Westin A. Price Foundation meetings. you don't know who Westin A. Price is you

This meeting changed my life. It is all about food, fresh food, good food. Eating the way God intended, the way animals are to be treated. The way humans were designed to eat said animals. Understanding our dilemma in this country just a little better. I ultimately want to have a wellness center that teaches and preaches the good life. Anyway. I will try to update for those few tried and true. I guess I better get to bed. I have to work a million hours as one of my doctors is on vacation.