Saturday, December 29, 2007

I am in love!

About 13 years ago Joel and I were in San Antonio running a coffee house called Java Joe's. Since then our passion for coffee has never waned. We ordered from our roaster in SA where ever we lived and had him mail it to us. Our roaster is now the roaster of all the HEB Central market coffees. Anyway we have not had an espresso machine for years. I have had to endure life with Staryucks when I was in the mood and had the cash. Such a burden. Well, Joel is not much of a gift giver, especially at christmas. My stocking was actually empty even though I gave myself a couple of gold chocolate coins, I guess it was raided. It started Thursday. He bought me Ralph Lauren Romance. Then it happened. While I was at work, he did it. He drove to Arlington to Specialty Restaurant Equipment and bought a commercial grade espresso machine for "the business". Now I know you might think this was not for me. You are wrong. God loves me so much that he gave me a good looking, I mean seriously good looking husband that can cook and clean and bring me good coffee, not to mention perfume. So, to be fair, if you ever need to rent a espresso machine for a party, give us a call. I am thinking I might quit my job and just run a mobile coffee cart. What the heck.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!!

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Living in Community

We live in community, even when we go off by ourselves. Remember the old song: "I see the moon and the moon sees me, the moon sees somebody I want to see; God bless the moon and God bless me and God bless somebody I want to see." To be in relationship with God is to be in relationship with every person who is also in relationship with God. And we do not need to speak the same language or have the same accent to be in true community; we have only to realize that we are all part of God, and to keep that uppermost in our mind and spirit as we live and relate to each other.
--William A. Kolb, "Community: Where the Holy Spirit Hangs Out"

I love the truth in these statements. I hope we can truly live this out, that polarities do not bring division, but dialogue that reaches deeply into the pockets of our hearts and minds. Stretch and be stretched.

Zeitgeist - The Movie - 2 of 13 (Part 1 of 3 on Religion)

SO as some of you might know, I recently had a spiritual challenge of sorts. I had to reclaim my beliefs and make them sharper in my spirit. Some of that for me is to question, to dialogue, to ponder the deep things. This is one of the ways the world will attack our faith, are we ready to reply, with video? With rhetoric, with application of the word in community love? Are we ready to say that the propaganda that is sold in this format is still bogus regardless of how it is fed to the weaker minded, weaker believers or unbelievers.