Friday, November 14, 2008

My Prized

Wow! I just recently took Wendy up on her offer for portfolio adding. I was blown away by her gift! Don't my gifts look great?!
Thank you Wendy!!!!!

Anyway, I had not said anything lately, so I wanted to post. I am trying to get a plan for :

Mia moving back home- we are remodeling part of the barn as a mini town house for her. She wants to move back home and go to school. Yay! Jeff Hines starts construction next week! Then we can continue our in house remodel.

Expand our business to have a thriving catering business and a local restaurant. And yes we did submit to Food Network the Talented Chef Joel. If we hear anything we will let you know. He is afraid he is not young and buff enough- whatev....

Joel is also putting a salad bar in the High School! Way to go Joel!

Nash has a play off game on Saturday, if they win we go to Mighty Mite Superbowl!

God has continued to provide for us despite our human nature. Sometimes I wonder how he puts up with me personally. Maybe it is because no matter how wrong I am , I always talk to Him and he shows me I am wrong. I would think I might just have a beautiful heart somehow without the constant mirror of reflection. But I guess there is only one way to holiness, purification, like Ethan told Chrissy that day, "turn your heart inside out so God can clean it!!"

Anyway, if I have not spoken with you lately, just know that you are valued in my heart, whether or not I am capable of finding the words to express it.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Just Vote.