Saturday, April 26, 2008


ten in the summer time
at the pool by grandma's house
and grandpa-in-the- garage, waiting
to make you a hamburger and the best red kool-aid ever
green grass
merry go round
finding the quarter underwater after the life guards blow the whistle
to get back in
blue skies
with white cumulus nimbus
running with cousins
with arms way out
circles until we fall
the raspa man with the mustache and smile
more quarters from grandpa-in- the- garage
to buy whatever color sno-cone
hide in the closet and hope mom and dad leave me here
just a little longer


Monday, April 14, 2008

Randomonium update

I just drove in from San Antonio. My Big Girl ( Mia) sounded so sick I had to go check on her. Please pray for healing and strength. She has a super cute apartment, with very hip decorative abilities. Obviously- not my influence. It was good to see her. Just proves, not matter how old they are they are still your babies- especially wihen they have sore throats and raspy voices.

We have a young man living with us. He is a most amazing young man. We met him through Mia. They were dating. Then they broke up, but still talk everyday. Go figure. He is from Liberia. If you do not know the history behind Liberia, please look it up. This young man is going to be a great leader one day. Probably even the President. Please think of him as you pray also.

Okay so what is up with all the prayer requests? I am out of the prayer closet. I pray. I love to pray. I am gifted with a desire to war for others, for nations, for cities for regions, against principalities. For my family. For my home and my patients. For the Glory of God on the Earth and in people. SO while you are at it pray for me! Our women's retreat is not much of a retreat. There is never any pedicure time. It is all about getting rid of stuff and intimacy with Jesus Christ.

Nash ran his first 5K on Saturday, that has to be the coolest thing my eight year old has ever done athletically. One, because he came in 5th in the under 12 category and he is EIGHT! Two because it inspired and encouraged me to be a fit mom. I am running with him next year. I have been trying to convince Mayor Hawk to do a 5K in CLyde. - That would be cool! It is a walk run in Abilene, Moms and Dads with kids in strollers, all shapes and sizes of people. Even the old guys with short shorts and no shirts were there. Yay.

Bella is ridiculously older looking. We went to the Rangers game on Saturday. I just do not like her looking so mature. God help us- yes another prayer!

I am too tired to talk about the Taste of Abilene or my fantastic new job. I will have to do a part two. I have got to sleep some.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Shadow of the blinds
a lady in the cloth
she smiles
in the curved lips of the sun's afternoon light
blue rhythms on green curtains
a mild avocado shade
delicately offering love
no mocking today
the rot of the apple cored
one bad spot
does not spoil the whole
of your soul
the pain of the carve
does bring sweetness after the yield of the cut
one seed
one seed
one seed
one love
founded in truth
temptation captivated
for realization of

everlasting rhythms
of movement
in loving

trishtrueblood april0508