Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Soul Searching

Soul Searching

Soul misplaced, left by the door on the way out to find another way to some other place of refuge and tentative fun, please return if found.

What does this mean?
Does it mean you have misplaced your soul?
Depends on context.
Does it mean you have lost your goal?
Depends on context.
Does it mean you must go away?
Depends on your quest.

To search for a soul that has not really been lost is to search for a purpose to which all cost of pride and pretense is hidden under the agenda of redressed calendars and busyness creating out of order, on the border, short order delegations, belated miscommunications & foot in the mouth orations.

Or it could really mean you do not know your purpose yet and thoughts of flight are in your head? Many people often think that it is better to leave to find a fit of circumstance that suits an easier match of who they perceive themselves to be.

A soul is not a shoe broken in that fits so well it is defined by you.
A soul is not a garment or hat that must have an occasion to complete the set.
A soul is not a friend in need, or a book and a fire or meal that’s free.

I once was lost , but now I am found
I did not need to find it in a boat
I did not need to find it with a goat
I did not find it here or there
I did not find it anywhere
Rather odd how my soul met me in the last place I looked
The very place I left it
By the door of the heart of God

I knocked not
I sought not truth
And found lies
In the quiet solitude of painful loneliness
It was revealed
That if I knocked
And I sought
Despite myself
I would find
That which I never knew I could have had, had I never left
Circle Divine Circle Complete Circle of Love