Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Not mine. Not yours.
Bleeds for love.
Reaks of hope.
Dreams deferred, dreams confirmed.
Community unity?
To be or maybe not?

Gathering covering for warmth
Provision will abound
Gathering sticks build vision
Faithful hear the sound

Pipes are used to transfer from one to another
Taking from abundance to distribute for mother, sister, brother.
Underground. Alternative. Off the grid. No chart.
Father please hear my plea
Fill up this cart.

We can sow
In the flow
Pass the Salt down river
Firelight in the dark
Shines bright beyond the quiver
Straighten backs you arrows

Lift your heads you gates
Open up your eyes
See the dead before you
Breathe life from bones that dried
Tables are all set
To greet the King of Kings

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Poet People


This one goes out to my poetry people
Sneaking to write that thought in the night
Highways and byways that muse with your mind
Flowers and stars and someone's huge behind
Kids that don't baaa
And some that do
Food that is smeared and
Green colored pooh
Intently and fiercely
Wringing inspiration
Finding your rhythm
Spelling the nations
Water and nature and how the cock crows
Pork rinds and school time and how the wind blows
Some may touch you, some in despair
Some may inspire you to change what you wear
Some may be serious
Some just plain fun
Some somewhat sickly under the gun
Mostly I love you, my people that write, or photo or make things
that bring peace to that fight
That place in the core of you
Art won't let you stop
And the room may smell sweeter if you decided to mop
But smell the rose and tell the nose how to fall in love
with a scent that's not spent on springs' window shut closed

Oil the hinges
A season is new
Blow in sweet spirit
Rise mine to the kite
You'll find a wineskin that's stretched and oiled and ready
For the harvest to be poured in
As you will walk steady
Or dance in position
Oh how I love you my friends,peeps and tribe
You just make me grateful and happy to be alive

Trish Trueblood

Friday, March 16, 2007

Conductor of Praise

Conductor of praise
That is what I am
I can wave my arms like a madman
Frantically freakish
Look at me God
I am not sheepish
I can wear my tuxedo
My proper primness so stuffy
I can intimidate the audience with my pompous ruffles so fluffy

Conductor of praise
That is what I am
I can choose to be trained
By the work of His hands
I can yield all my muscles
To respond to His usher
I can, with each motion
Wield force to the gust of Glorious Bluster

Conductor of Praise
Bring the Kingdom to Earth
Those who have eyes
And those who have ears
Pray scales will fall fiercley
As heaven reveres
The Creator
The Maker
The God over all

Conductor of praise
To my knees
To the ground
To my agenda's death
Fall without sound
Take my wand and break it
As you show me the way
To love my neighbor
Foregoing the stage

To usher in sweetly
To love and be loved
To trust and be trusted
With the peace of a dove

Trish Trueblood