Thursday, December 07, 2006


What is that- well it just so happens after this semester, I can almost tell you-it is the study of the patterns, causes, and control of disease in groups of people. It is sotra like CSI. We did our big presentation today- group project. Tuberculosis in Texas Correction Systems. It was great to be done. I think even in something as dry sounding as epidemiology. There is a beauty that is just dying to be recognized. Patterns-I have always been fascinated with patterns. Natural beauty in the earth, in flowers, in microbiology and landscape, disease as ugly as it can be also follows patterns. For the trained eye or one who appreciates patterns, information can be discovered than can and do save lives. TB is one scary dude. So many nations in the world are affected, including the United States. The big mean brother in the TB family is Drug Resistant. I learned so much being involved with this project from surveillance to strategy, from genotyping to geography. There is some great work being done out there. There is so much more to go. Please be informed. Be wary of coughers, especially persons not from the US. The prevalence of TB is so much higher in other countries. Go to the CDC website when you are curious. You will find everything you ever wanted to know about any disease, and probably some things you wish you did not know. We have to care. We have to be aware of ways that lives can be destroyed. Like they say- an ounce of prevention.....