Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Just feel like it.

I don't know, maybe I just feel like talking and there is no one to talk to right now- so you are it.
So what is going on.......
Working, reading, family, friends, herbalife, CIndy Crawford workout video, Naturopathic, Traditional Medicine, Integrative medicine,Conventional Medicine, Homeopathic medicine, anthroposophical medical practice; the combination, Tru Blu Catering, Cafe, Coffee, Spice, Bonterra, getting older, aging gracefully, fighting it, trying to stay involved with my children, trying to give them wings, praying, interceding locally, internationally, considering issues of social justice and the impact of one, loving my God. Loving the process, loving the journey, loving my husband, children, patients and friends. SO to breathe and focus.

For a long time I had complicated views that seemed to be congested more than productive. I am learning how to decongest through clarification and combining my self vision and mission that combines all of those things and then some.

With a little lot of help from some that I admire and some that inspire me I have formulated the beginnings of a Personal Vision and Mission.

Vision: To restore or create healing, nourishing and loving atmospheres in every area of life that affect whole communities.

Mission: I choose to be proactive in the Family, Health, Social Justice, Political Scenes and Marketplaces of my life in order to advocate for the prevention of injuries potential and actual suffered by inaccessibility to environments of healing: spiritually, emotionally and physically.

My Goals fall under subheadings of Family, Integrative Medical Practice, Restaurant/Bistro, Yoga, School Health Advisory Committee, ANA, AANP, TRA, Intercession, Backpacks, CCRC, Freedom Stones, Cambodian Hope, World Concern, Mission Trips, Westin A. Price Foundation.

I am in the process of furthering each of those subheadings with steps or daily rowing toward accomplishment.
This is so much more fun to see it laid out.

You know- I have a friend. A beautiful young lady that thought she was shallow after looking at what I think about. I told her that I was 12 years older and did not think like this then. I also have no desire to do the things that she feels she is supposed to focus on. We all have unique qualities and abilities. Never have shopper's cart envy for another's gifts. We can all do all things through Christ who strengthens us! If all he wants anyone of us to do right now is love two or three people and bring them closer- then be obedient. Changing the world is a gift for those called. Make sure that it is the voice of God that calls you to do more than you ought. The reward is the same in heaven if you are changing a diaper or saving children from mass destruction and demise. This is advice I heard on a podcast and it stuck- I reiterate for my own benefit as well. I tend to want to go faster.

So what are you up to? Where are your thoughts of late?

p.s. I like pastels, making cool presents for people and long walks on the beach and traveling!!!!Going to Chicago soon - yay!

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Woman Beautiful

Beauty of a woman
is multiplicity divine
many faceted loveliness
in the light she finds
her hands full of plenty
love and hopes and dreams
assurance of the treasure
drawing strength from that unseen

Fullness of a woman
overflowing life
draws one near the fountain
of the thirsting mind

Creation of a woman
splendid and refined
gives portions of herself
made over
glory to glory binds
Present in her presence
Engaging in her gaze
flowing are her words of silk that cover every haze

Beauty of a woman
From babe to timeless youth
ever refreshing is the hand of her
whose heart is wise
from loves sweet truth.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

SO Much

SO much has happened it is hard to keep up. I have thought of writing, recording so much, sooo many times but I have failed to keep up, so I just let it pass me by. We started community garden, stopped community gardening, had a few garden "parties" then stopped that too. We have plans to open a restaurant. I have plans to open a special exercise studio, cafe/retail store that will fund the resource center as a functional resource center: Vaccine for children program, Branch for Alliance for women and children, a local counseling center, and Bob's Pantry. I hope this really happens.

Joel and I have been excited about Blank Canvas project. It is about getting people motivated to actually do part of what God has called us to do on this Earth. Get Busy feeding his sheep- however that looks in your heart, in whatever capacity you are capable at this point in time. It will expand. It will grow- we just have to be faithful. It is first getting some paint on the wall as a sign of transformation and unity in the community. A commitment to see Clyde become the city we all dream of as we lock arms and place our hand prints on the wall of the CCRC. Prophetic Art so to speak.

My kids are good. Mia is moving to Abilene. She is going to go to Cisco for a while and see what happens. She has a boyfriend she loves and he is coming here with her. They grow up so fast. Bella is going to seventh grade. Wow. She made student council. I am so proud.She will also be in athletics. Nash is going back to Clyde- intermediate after a year at Cornerstone. It was wonderful, but we feel that with all of our restaurant endeavors, as well as projects we need to keep it local to maintain peace and quality of life. He will not be in football. Nash is going to take piano and Violin lessons, maybe martial arts. I am trying to learn the guitar on my own. Joel is going to Cambodia again. August 12 through the 21st. He is going to accompany Wayne Hester as he looks for a job and a place to live in Cambodia. He beat us to the punch. We would love to do that, but God called us to live in Clyde and He is not releasing until we accomplish what he has for us here.

I haven't talked about work in a long time. It has been two years since I graduated and started doing this NP thing. Thanks to those of you that have supported me. It has not been an easy road. I have learned so much. I am not the best, I am not the worst. And I actually have some patients that really love me. I have to say that I have decided that I want to move toward holistic health care. Not just medical. I work in a medical office. The approach is different. I have to treat people medically. It is difficult in my current line of naturopathic thinking. Anyone who is listening..................................................................................................... FOURTH MONDAY OF EVERY MONTH 7:00 P.M. at the United Way office downtown...................................................................... Westin A. Price Foundation meetings. you don't know who Westin A. Price is you

This meeting changed my life. It is all about food, fresh food, good food. Eating the way God intended, the way animals are to be treated. The way humans were designed to eat said animals. Understanding our dilemma in this country just a little better. I ultimately want to have a wellness center that teaches and preaches the good life. Anyway. I will try to update for those few tried and true. I guess I better get to bed. I have to work a million hours as one of my doctors is on vacation.


Sunday, May 03, 2009

Light Creative

Grains of wood
Life rings
Annual seasons
Drought and abundance
Cycle of life
Ebb and flow
Enter fullness
Enter water park, waterfall
River ride white water rapids safe
Rapids wild exhilarating
Breath taking soul shaking
Earth quaking quivering
Delivering you
Into the shoes of the chaser
Of the presence and essence of His omniscience of love
Eternal wave
As feet sink and pull into depths of the ocean
And arms up in the splash of glory
Smacking up them down and down then up
And out of the flush of life's drain
And into the grains of cedar scented
Jesus lined heaven reality
Lose the mime
Hands of time
Spoken now to shout
The manifest destiny
Rise to high tide
And be the Living God
Indwelling your light creative and powerful
To the World!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

What if

What if I looked at every person
As an opportunity to display the goodness of God
What if every day I asked God to show me who
I am sure that every person of everyday could not have
captured the attention of Jesus
What if I focused on here and now instead of when
What if I began dreaming of meeting every person
Where they are and then work toward the next goal
Whatever it may be
What if I became a great mother and awesome friend
And even better wife
What if it was a joy to be in my own home
And yet have the ability to go wherever, whenever
What if
This really became a place where transformation
Became reality
And I beamed kindling for the fire of a catalyst

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Haven Safe

White Paint like 2% Milk
Paintbrushes like hairs of a porcupine
Cement mixed bricks
I am hot and sticky with the humidity
But I am happy
Not jump up and down happy
Not 'Happy meal' happy
But I am happy
I stand on a bunk bed with a thin board across the top
The bunk bed was fashioned on site
Sprayed black
Maybe harsh, at home
But here
It is hope
It is security
It is a place to sleep and dream and grow and be
Everything Amazing
And I feel happy
Oh so happy
I might jump happily, but the board might crack for my big American body
So my soul smiles instead
I think of my guardian Angel that my mommy told me about
And the lighted print framed and placed by my bed
Made me feel safe
Even in bad times
And I paint another stroke to cover the cold gray cement bricks
And think of the child
That looks up to the top of the wall and
Feels safe
Even in bad times
Because they have a home
A Haven Safe in the Lover of their souls
And I am so happy, oh so happy
To sweat and stink and be half way around the world standing on an metal bed
painting milky white strokes inefficiently over they gray
Bricks interlaced and crowned with peace
Rocks are being moved outside
Gates are being welded tight
Walls are secure
The Water Tower will go up today
And I am happy as I can be
To proclaim to the broken babes
What is growing and flowing out of the core of me
What is good and right
What is love and light
In the stroke of white as moonlight at dusk
If only I could be a whisper in the night
As they enter and settle
Lay down to rest
Sleep, grow and be
Blessed with a crown of glory
May angels appear
To settle you dear
As you have been chosen
For this time
To be happy
Oh so happy

Sunday, March 29, 2009

What to say

Me with my precious face painting assistant Len, she was so adorable the way she spoke with her hands and helped me. I loved her!

Rachel, as Vanna White, now she can have two celebrity associations! Notoriety is coming your way Rachel!

More Kid pictures, I never get tired of seeing these kids having fun!

I have been kinda holding off on blogging about Cambodia mostly because Rachel is much more of a detail person than I am and I know she will fill you in on all the details. So what I will do is give you snippets of happenings and thoughts. Sound like a plan?

Yes, I too have been waking up at 3 or 4 every morning. It is actually not a bad thing because I get time alone with God something I have grown increasingly dependent on for daily living. Prior to this trip I read FACE to Face Bill Johnson. I have since developed a taste for the desire to feel the presence of God in an amazing way. I prayed, pleaded and practically begged for 'a little taste of the Glory!' Ha. But seriously, It has been a big deal to me to have one of those transforming No One but God Shocking experiences. Well guess what- it almost happened.

As some of you know I have been obsessed with the Song of Songs for a few months now. I thought I would lead a Bible study through it, and I will at some point. Well God started showing me some very specific parts having to do with how to see those that have not yet learned to love Christ passionately. Song 8:8-9 For what shall we do with the little sister, and as yet she has no breasts? What shall we do on the day she is spoken for? If she is a wall we will build on her a battlement of silver, but if she is a door we will barricade her with boards of cedar.

Okay so what does that mean? Little sisters with no breasts speak of those that do not have the ability to nurture others yet, they are still needing to be nurtured. The thing to do with them is to look at them like you would your children and see what their talents are....are they teachers, evangelists, intercessors, apostles? That would be like door ministries so you pray that they are barricaded with boards of cedar* the scent of the "God's Dwelling place" in Solomon's temple, the scent of Christ! They get attacked and the scent of cedar or of holiness with preserve them.. If they show signs of being pastors or prophets or people than stand for justice then they should be built upon with a battlement of silver. Back in the day they had towers to protect cities, these towers were made of stone and had holes to shoot arrows at the enemy. Well, in this case if your calling to is protect others, raise others up, watch for injustice or the intruder then an embattlement of silver would pay the price of redemption and protect you as you protect others- too cool huh?

Well anyone that would listen I would share this with cause I was obsessed. I also realized that might be why my boobs are so huge, I am a nurturer- ha. I still want a reduction , but not for prophetic reasons.
Back to the point, I started to see Chomno- the leader of Cambodian Hope Organization as one that protects and stands for justice. I also see him as a great composer, kinda like August Rush. He has a grace on him like I have never seen before. He moves swiftly and continually. He accomplishes so much with so little. It is amazing. His dream is to build this Safe Haven,to protect women and children from trafficking and educate them, and raise them up to be leaders of Cambodia. Wow. No small vision there. He even wants to build a University. He is going for it. No red tape, just gangbusters. He is so effective in his programs that the Government is coming to him for advice. Would you train 800 teachers to teach creatively, because your school on the mat program is so effective that the children are literate after one year, whereas, the Cambodian public school takes 4-5 years. ( I think) I don't want to slander Cambodian public schools, but that is what I was told. (Not admissible in a court of law.)

Again, back to the point, I also noticed that Rachel had a little obsession of her own- watching the kids from the window of our hotel, there were stories in those excerpts of observation.

Well, I fell asleep and had what I could describe as a mini-dream, it had basically a prophetic picture of why Rachel and I were obsessed with different things. I woke up when Rachel walked in and I told her that she would write the book Joel told her she would write, we all knew she would write a book , but God showed me a book. I closed my eyes and began to have an amazing experience with God , and as I followed this train of understanding, it was like God saw me following His plan and let me look at His Beauty and I had hours of power surges through my body followed by tears of joy and laughter. I could think, but not really move. I only moved when I was jerked. It was weird. I thought I would disturb Rachel, but she told me that she slept just fine. By the way can I just say that Rachel is the easiest most gracious roomie ever!
Anyway, in the morning I thought maybe I would have some kind of special powers. It didn't happen, I thought I would be healed of every anxiety and even be instantly skinny, that did not happen either. SO I began to press God for why, He started to show me things that I really thought I had dealt with and wrong thinking and He told me he could not give me more right now. Wow, over the next couple of days stuff kept bubbling up and I was not okay. I thought God moments were supposed to change you for the better, I know it will in the long run, but for now I have some very specific tasks, I will tell you about later.

I guess I have kept you long enough. I will write more later. xoxoxooo

Graham Cook: The Nature of God, Part 1

It is 10 minutes of Yes.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Cotton Eye Joe Tutorial

Here's to you Rachel!

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Just an update

Let's see.........Our bathroom is 99% complete, good thing. It is beautiful. I will have pictures up soon. We have painted and rearranged and Mia is home. But along with Mia we have another young lady. She is 18 and has a one year old boy. I know you think I am crazy. But obviously it means a lot to me to help single parents. I am still trying to figure out a way to make that happen other than a grassroots way. Work is good, I am actually getting better, or at least more efficient. I am pretty situated at the offices I am in currently. I am content on most days. But something in me longs for more than content. I want to be passionate about what I do. I have not figured that out yet.

If you have not heard yet, I am definitely going to Cambodia again. Here is a copy of the letter I will be sending out. Let me know what you think.

This year, I will be taking part in an outreach trip. I have been invited to join a group of short-term missionaries from Fountaingate Fellowship in Abilene, Texas. We are traveling to Bangkok, Thailand, and Cambodia. We will be spending a week working in Cambodia . We will take part in outreach ministries with Cambodian Hope Organization (CHO). Please visit this site for more details about the organization.

This area has become an area of passion and calling for both my husband and myself. Having witnessed after effects of the devastation on a nation that endured a genocide during the reign of the Khmer Rouge, we felt the need to partner with the hope of Jesus Christ. Joel has been to this region many times and is never the same after each visit. His accounts of the transformation of a nation are amazing. CHO does so much with so very little. They truly are the hands of God as they reach out to love the discarded and abused.

We will be visiting the Golden Triangle. The Golden Triangle is a highly trafficked area, where many women and children are sold into prostitution. Many of the things you use day to day are made by hands of children that are trafficked in the Golden Triangle area. It is hard to believe that these children, who should be going to kindergarten, are exploited for prostitution and manual labor. The Cambodian Hope organization is building a safe haven for these children. We are going to support this process and help build a fence around the grounds of the safe haven complex.

I am very excited about this trip, and I know that God has called me to be a part of it. The nature of a trip like this is expensive, and I would like for you to pray and consider supporting me financially. The total cost is $2500, which includes flights, transportation, lodging, meals, and administration costs. The trip is March 15th - 25th.

If you choose to support me financially by check, please do NOT put my name in the pay to order spot for Tax purposes. Any monetary gift is considered a Tax deduction. Please make checks payable to Kingdom Advance with my name in the memo or attach a note with the check. The deadline for money to be in is by March 10th. Any financial support you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

In addition to my need for money, I also need your prayers. This mission trip has great potential to open the eyes and hearts of hundreds of people in Cambodia to the truth of God for the first time in their lives: however, it would be of no value unless are we covered in prayer. You are the key to the success of my trip with your financial support and prayers. I cannot wait to see God move on this nation.
Thanks for considering partnering with us as we extend hands of love and hope in Christ. Please feel free to email or call me with any questions you may have about the trip or supporting me.

In Christ,

Trish Trueblood

Monday, January 12, 2009

I feel like being edgy

I think 2009 might be the year of edginess for me. I mean what do I have to lose? I have been irritated bout this for quite some time... maybe I am wrong, I do not speak for all, so don't take it that way. I speak for me on being brown..olive-skinned or anything other than white.

Shades of brown

When you look at me what do you see?
A woman
A position
A label

Or do you see the color of my skin
My eyes
Is she Mexican?
Is she Latino
Is she Indian
Maybe Persian or Middle Eastern

Whatever you think
It is
Is probably wrong

There is no political correctness

Never hear the words
Not you
But 'those mexicans'
If I never hear another joke about
Motivation by burritos
Or if I NEVER see a dog with a gold plated "grill" emailed around the country by biggoted christians
It would be too soon

I am
All shades of brown
Love it or leave it
Face your prejudice or live it out loud
But don't disguise it with passive aggressive remarks about "them"
"We" have ears and all of the senses and abilities you were born with
We add flavor to the American melting pot
We are the majority
So build your fences
Tighten your security
Those of us that know the difference
Realize that we are
All that God intends
And I am an American

In all of my glorious shades of brown