Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Haven Safe

White Paint like 2% Milk
Paintbrushes like hairs of a porcupine
Cement mixed bricks
I am hot and sticky with the humidity
But I am happy
Not jump up and down happy
Not 'Happy meal' happy
But I am happy
I stand on a bunk bed with a thin board across the top
The bunk bed was fashioned on site
Sprayed black
Maybe harsh, at home
But here
It is hope
It is security
It is a place to sleep and dream and grow and be
Everything Amazing
And I feel happy
Oh so happy
I might jump happily, but the board might crack for my big American body
So my soul smiles instead
I think of my guardian Angel that my mommy told me about
And the lighted print framed and placed by my bed
Made me feel safe
Even in bad times
And I paint another stroke to cover the cold gray cement bricks
And think of the child
That looks up to the top of the wall and
Feels safe
Even in bad times
Because they have a home
A Haven Safe in the Lover of their souls
And I am so happy, oh so happy
To sweat and stink and be half way around the world standing on an metal bed
painting milky white strokes inefficiently over they gray
Bricks interlaced and crowned with peace
Rocks are being moved outside
Gates are being welded tight
Walls are secure
The Water Tower will go up today
And I am happy as I can be
To proclaim to the broken babes
What is growing and flowing out of the core of me
What is good and right
What is love and light
In the stroke of white as moonlight at dusk
If only I could be a whisper in the night
As they enter and settle
Lay down to rest
Sleep, grow and be
Blessed with a crown of glory
May angels appear
To settle you dear
As you have been chosen
For this time
To be happy
Oh so happy




High in Demand said...

That is one of the most beautiful things I've ever read.

trish said...

Thanks girls. You girls rock.

God's Warrior Bride said...

This is absolutely amazing - I agree with Brandi, it is the most beautiful thing I have ever read as well.