Monday, January 12, 2009

I feel like being edgy

I think 2009 might be the year of edginess for me. I mean what do I have to lose? I have been irritated bout this for quite some time... maybe I am wrong, I do not speak for all, so don't take it that way. I speak for me on being brown..olive-skinned or anything other than white.

Shades of brown

When you look at me what do you see?
A woman
A position
A label

Or do you see the color of my skin
My eyes
Is she Mexican?
Is she Latino
Is she Indian
Maybe Persian or Middle Eastern

Whatever you think
It is
Is probably wrong

There is no political correctness

Never hear the words
Not you
But 'those mexicans'
If I never hear another joke about
Motivation by burritos
Or if I NEVER see a dog with a gold plated "grill" emailed around the country by biggoted christians
It would be too soon

I am
All shades of brown
Love it or leave it
Face your prejudice or live it out loud
But don't disguise it with passive aggressive remarks about "them"
"We" have ears and all of the senses and abilities you were born with
We add flavor to the American melting pot
We are the majority
So build your fences
Tighten your security
Those of us that know the difference
Realize that we are
All that God intends
And I am an American

In all of my glorious shades of brown



Leanne Stewart said...

.......and if anyone ever wonders why I adore you, this post would be one of the things I point them toward.

Know what's so funny/not so funny? We "met" sight unseen so in my head, you've always just been "Trish" and I've always just been "Leanne".

Even thinking about WHEN (not "if") we'll get to hang F2F, it just never enters my mind to think that how we look will change the way we feel about each other, ya know?

trish said...

yeah I do....and I am making plans sister...i have a dear friend in Vancouver. i could see you both!


You go girl. I hear ya. You know my kids are half mexican and they are sure to let you know they are not hispanic. They are what some call Tex Mexicans and they are proud of it. But they often deal with preduce as well. Ive had to deal with it all of their lives.
But GOD created them as they are.
Are they are wonderfully made, as you are...............

Angela said...

You go girl! We have different prejudice in Canada. Since nearly everyone is barely arrived (most only go back a few generations if that much to have "foreigners" as grandparents) the melting pot is very much embraced, but Canadians target the first nations people instead. That said, I grew up with people wanting to know why I had some color, where it came from. Being "politically correct", they would stumble around trying to ask what I was. Usually settling on "what's your heritage?" If I was being mean that day, I'd let they stumble and bumble and say "what do you mean?", but if I was being really nice or lazy, I'd just say "my mom is Jamaican".

It's sad that kids just see people and somewhere along the way they are taught to put everyone in compartments.

Leanne Stewart said...

*grins* I say you hijack Angela and both of you head this way!

Jennifer said...

(with fist in the air) Brown Power!!