Sunday, April 29, 2007


God is so amazing to me. The testimonies and revelations given to others in the Body of Christ are unsettling to my status quo. I love moving forward to a heightened intimacy with the Father. I love to yearn for His face to shine upon me. I die to sit in His Presence in the throne room of praise and prayer, love and peace.

And then in the other room, kids won't stay in bed. But hey am I blessed or what?

Simple Joy

As I entered the room everyone was seeking
The presence of the Holy Spirit was Fertile
I sat and the words came to me as though in a dream
" I am alive!"
Flew above my head
Scrolling through the ceiling window

"Where do you love me?" He spoke to my heart.

In a prom dress flowing?
In a field of flowers?
In a wedding dress?
On the golf course?
In a fishing boat?
In the mundane daily rowing?
On the hunt?
In the nails and screws?
Nuts and bolts?
Files and trials?
Shots and droughts?

Or is joy in the daily dishes?

Simple Joy

"I want to frame my joy in the dance of your life."
"In your song of life you may or may not ever 'sing'
For the world
With your Voice
But you will sing For Me
In your Worship
You will sing in our Promise
Of Love
That is Strength and Honor
And Tender Mercy
And ALWAYS ready for you to receive me
Excited to be intimate
With Me

I will give you more than a promise
I will give you the keys to the kingdom...

A word of pregnancy was spoken
A word of birth soon come
The waters would be broken
Creativity undone
From bondage bound up tight
Hidden from light's eyes
The head crowns to reveal
Freedom's precious sons to rise

Trish Trueblood

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I am a grandmother!

Gotcha! I have actually been a build a bear grandmother for a while now. My kids are fascinated with these ridiculous bears. SO Nash recently went to San Antonio with my husband. For some reason he decided to spoil the boy and take him to Build-a-Bear. On the way home Nash calls me and says, "Mom,you are a grandma again! I got a girl this time. I always wanted a daughter!" He is seven. Geeze. I am too young for this. Okay so maybe I am not.No wise cracks about my teenager either ;)

Monday, April 16, 2007




Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Void

“You were a quiet little girl- do you remember me when you were little?”
“No, you worked a lot.”

The Void: A Silent Conversation

Where were you when she was born?
I was working, well I was there for a little while
I remember her when they handed her to me
She smiled
Have you ever seen a newborn smile?

I had to work
I needed insurance
They all needed insurance.
What about when she crawled for the first time?
When she took her first steps?
Said her first words?
I did breast feed her for six months
I pumped as long as I produced milk
I didn’t notice that she was really hungry until she started smacking her lips when people were eating around her
She was beautiful
I remember her little white and pink face
Her black tuft of hair
She was so sweet
She grew fast
She was wild
Not like the first
She was unpredictable
Red boots in training pants
Climbing fences
I wrote a country song about her once, I didn't even like country

Fast forward……more void

Working again?
Didn’t stop, just more hours, needed the money, who doesn’t?
Too tired to notice new teeth
She slept through the night very early- I worked nights
She was quiet
I didn’t teach her much after moon and nose and eyes
She went to a decent school
I didn’t read much more than Runaway Bunny and Goodnight Moon
Dr Seuss was always fun

What about the others?
They are also a blur, a shadow, pictures jog a little.

Why is it that time goes so fast when you look back, but so slowly while you are watching the sand fall, day in day out?
If I could go back in time…I would do it differently
I would remember not to forget all the firsts and lasts
I would enjoy more than complain
I would talk to and not at
I would listen to them and look into their eyes
Pleading with them to be filled with the sense of my love
I am their mother
I want good things for them
I was wrong in that other life
I cannot undo being gone

God help me to be present in the now of what you have given me
Help me not to hurt over failures and indifference of the past
Help me to be strong in standing in the center of your fountain of love in my family
In my place
My home
It is not a prison
It is a gift
It is your gift to me
Thank you
As I stroke their sleeping cheeks and tears roll gently into tomorrow’s lifewave
Let me ride high on the surfboard of motherhood
High Tide
Good ride…..No Fear

Trish Trueblood

Monday, April 09, 2007

png file by

I can see you tucked behind the seemingly warm petal-blanket of the flowers
I can see your hands pulling on the fine linens of the rose
I can see your sihlouette dancing in the morning sunlight
I can see the dust of dreams falling from your feet
I can see you trying to be hidden from the world that would deny you
I can see you with my hidden eyes that need not look to find you
Can you see me as I see you?
Tucked and pulling
Dancing and dreaming
Hidden, yet seen.


Saturday, April 07, 2007

spaghetti a la frantasticara

Well, I know there have been some dashed hopes in many lives. Meanwhile there have also been some big blessings. More importantly, for the purposes of this blog there have been some neighborly blessings going on around Sunset drive. SO there are some days during the week we affectionately call scrounge night. Usually, I am tired, Joel is busy or gone and well whatever we find in the cabinet or freezer is for supper.
This blog is a shout, clap and spin for some neighborly spaghetti via the Hafner house. Let me tell you what ( like the old timers in Clyde say) that girl can cook. Thanks Fran, once again you have confirmed your title. Frantastic. All you other shmo's except Erica ( cause she wouldn't like it anyway) eat your heart out.

And He said, "Love your neighbors...." some have an easier job than others.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007