Sunday, March 29, 2009

What to say

Me with my precious face painting assistant Len, she was so adorable the way she spoke with her hands and helped me. I loved her!

Rachel, as Vanna White, now she can have two celebrity associations! Notoriety is coming your way Rachel!

More Kid pictures, I never get tired of seeing these kids having fun!

I have been kinda holding off on blogging about Cambodia mostly because Rachel is much more of a detail person than I am and I know she will fill you in on all the details. So what I will do is give you snippets of happenings and thoughts. Sound like a plan?

Yes, I too have been waking up at 3 or 4 every morning. It is actually not a bad thing because I get time alone with God something I have grown increasingly dependent on for daily living. Prior to this trip I read FACE to Face Bill Johnson. I have since developed a taste for the desire to feel the presence of God in an amazing way. I prayed, pleaded and practically begged for 'a little taste of the Glory!' Ha. But seriously, It has been a big deal to me to have one of those transforming No One but God Shocking experiences. Well guess what- it almost happened.

As some of you know I have been obsessed with the Song of Songs for a few months now. I thought I would lead a Bible study through it, and I will at some point. Well God started showing me some very specific parts having to do with how to see those that have not yet learned to love Christ passionately. Song 8:8-9 For what shall we do with the little sister, and as yet she has no breasts? What shall we do on the day she is spoken for? If she is a wall we will build on her a battlement of silver, but if she is a door we will barricade her with boards of cedar.

Okay so what does that mean? Little sisters with no breasts speak of those that do not have the ability to nurture others yet, they are still needing to be nurtured. The thing to do with them is to look at them like you would your children and see what their talents are....are they teachers, evangelists, intercessors, apostles? That would be like door ministries so you pray that they are barricaded with boards of cedar* the scent of the "God's Dwelling place" in Solomon's temple, the scent of Christ! They get attacked and the scent of cedar or of holiness with preserve them.. If they show signs of being pastors or prophets or people than stand for justice then they should be built upon with a battlement of silver. Back in the day they had towers to protect cities, these towers were made of stone and had holes to shoot arrows at the enemy. Well, in this case if your calling to is protect others, raise others up, watch for injustice or the intruder then an embattlement of silver would pay the price of redemption and protect you as you protect others- too cool huh?

Well anyone that would listen I would share this with cause I was obsessed. I also realized that might be why my boobs are so huge, I am a nurturer- ha. I still want a reduction , but not for prophetic reasons.
Back to the point, I started to see Chomno- the leader of Cambodian Hope Organization as one that protects and stands for justice. I also see him as a great composer, kinda like August Rush. He has a grace on him like I have never seen before. He moves swiftly and continually. He accomplishes so much with so little. It is amazing. His dream is to build this Safe Haven,to protect women and children from trafficking and educate them, and raise them up to be leaders of Cambodia. Wow. No small vision there. He even wants to build a University. He is going for it. No red tape, just gangbusters. He is so effective in his programs that the Government is coming to him for advice. Would you train 800 teachers to teach creatively, because your school on the mat program is so effective that the children are literate after one year, whereas, the Cambodian public school takes 4-5 years. ( I think) I don't want to slander Cambodian public schools, but that is what I was told. (Not admissible in a court of law.)

Again, back to the point, I also noticed that Rachel had a little obsession of her own- watching the kids from the window of our hotel, there were stories in those excerpts of observation.

Well, I fell asleep and had what I could describe as a mini-dream, it had basically a prophetic picture of why Rachel and I were obsessed with different things. I woke up when Rachel walked in and I told her that she would write the book Joel told her she would write, we all knew she would write a book , but God showed me a book. I closed my eyes and began to have an amazing experience with God , and as I followed this train of understanding, it was like God saw me following His plan and let me look at His Beauty and I had hours of power surges through my body followed by tears of joy and laughter. I could think, but not really move. I only moved when I was jerked. It was weird. I thought I would disturb Rachel, but she told me that she slept just fine. By the way can I just say that Rachel is the easiest most gracious roomie ever!
Anyway, in the morning I thought maybe I would have some kind of special powers. It didn't happen, I thought I would be healed of every anxiety and even be instantly skinny, that did not happen either. SO I began to press God for why, He started to show me things that I really thought I had dealt with and wrong thinking and He told me he could not give me more right now. Wow, over the next couple of days stuff kept bubbling up and I was not okay. I thought God moments were supposed to change you for the better, I know it will in the long run, but for now I have some very specific tasks, I will tell you about later.

I guess I have kept you long enough. I will write more later. xoxoxooo



hey girl, i would like that very much about the helping with the necklace thing. come on over some time and we can play with the beads you have. I also have string well actually i use my husbands fishing wire. its very strong. let me know your schedule and we can work around it some evening.

cathy said...

you inspire me... again and again.
what an incredible god moment... those moments are for one purpose... i dont believe it is to make you better, to make you more talented, more gifted or more gorgeous (if possible?? :)
the purpose of those god moments, those precious times when the father touches down.... is primarily for him to touch you with his love, with his heart, with his passion.... JUST to show you how much he loves you.

you are loved my girl. drink it in.
that will change your world

Rachel said...

I need to get your camera card when you get it back. . . like 500 pictures of mine wasn't enough! But, I know you have other shots so I want them, too!!!