Sunday, October 07, 2007


There is this moment at the end of the day when the work is done
When the tasks are complete
When the words are all spoken
When the time to refresh has begun

The fan is whispering a delicate dance
The blankets are turned back
Inviting romance
It is not just the physicial act of desire
Much more than this
Does my heart require

It is the final intentional
act of greeting
when our bodies in marriage
are first meeting
remembering the emotion of how we began
tendering the rowing of waters rough hands

It is the breath that is taken followed by sigh
That we are one another's
Union defined

A denial in distance or time can't replace
the charge of the Lover
in your eyes in the late

Holding and being held
By the beauty of two as one
Glistens the moon and fires the sun
My lover my friend
Now you are home

And I am beside you
And all is well with my soul
The light on our faces
The love in eyes
There is no replacement for a soul mates
Good night